How to Know You’ve Been Deactivated 

How do you know you’ve been deactivated? You should receive a notification from whichever service you’re driving for, whether that be Uber, Lyft or a delivery service.  

You should also receive an email or text message, but you might not always receive one.  

Sometimes drivers only find out they have been deactivated when they try to sign in, and the app alerts them they are deactivated. 

Whichever way you find out, it’s never fun and can be shocking. At this point, you may be thinking: what did I do? Do not wait, contact ActivationHero immediately.?


Why do drivers get deactivated? Here are the top reasons:


Passengers Reporting You 

While it’s terrible to say, some passengers really just want to get a free ride. And what better way to do that than to say they’ve had a horrible ride? 

Some will cancel the ride while in your car, others will say you were driving unsafe when you weren’t, and others are just having a bad day and taking it out on you. 

Whatever the reason, passengers reporting you can get you deactivated and can make it very difficult for you to get reactivated.


Expired documents. Your auto insurance, vehicle inspection, and driver’s license expire. Make sure to upload the up-to-date versions of your documents at least a week before they expire to avoid trouble. These deactivations usually come without notice, but they’re the easiest to correct.


Background Check Issues 

The biggest reason most drivers are deactivated is background check issues. It could be from a speeding ticket to something bigger, but if something like that is in your past, it could affect your ability to remain on the platform. 

Another common issue related to background checks is mistaken identity. If your name is pretty common, or you happen to share the same name with someone who’s committed a few crimes, your background check may be held up while Checkr (the service Uber and Lyft use to conduct background checks) investigates.  


Average customer rating drops below ~4.6. If your star ratings are low, you’ll be given a warning and be placed under ‘quality review.’ If your ratings continue to stay low, you’ll be deactivated.


Failed a selfie photo test. Occasionally the driver app will prompt you to take a picture of yourself to confirm your identity. You may be deactivated if your selfie closely doesn’t match your profile picture


Cancel too many rides, aka Cancellation Abuse. Uber can deactivate you if your cancelation rate climbs too high


Violate the Code of Conduct. Uber requires drivers to follow a code of conduct that prohibits violent or inappropriate behavior, drug and alcohol use, and other illegal behavior.


Unsafe driving. Uber will deactivate you if passengers report any unsafe driving


Unwanted contact with passengers after the ride is over. Do not try to contact your passenger after the ride is over unless it’s to discuss a lost item


Passenger makes a serious complaint about you. A severe complaint might be assault, sexual harassment, unsafe driving, driving under the influence


Fraud. Includes purposely increasing the time/distance of a trip, taking prohibited advantage of promotions, claiming fraudulent fees, accepting falsified trips


Driving with a companion in your car. You are not permitted to drive with a spouse, friend, or any other companion


Allowing someone else to use your account or providing false information about yourself or your vehicle. Don’t let a friend drive on your account, and don’t use a vehicle different than listed on your profile


Violating the Uber Terms of Service in any way. Any TOS violation can get you deactivated.


Whichever way you find out, it’s never fun and can be shocking. At this point, you may be thinking: what did I do? Do not wait, contact ActivationHero immediately.?